Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

Is Custom Fitting mainly suited towards lower handicap golfers?

Not at all we would recommend golfers of all handicaps to come in and get fitted. Sometimes we see our biggest results from our mid-high handicap players. That’s not to say if you’re low we can’t help get that handicap even lower!

are you able to also fit female players?

Of course! We have a large array of ladies equipment available to try. We already have a great ladies client base which is great.

Why should i get custom fit rather than purchase off the shelf?

Purchasing golf equipment off the shelf involves huge amounts of guesswork, also there can be huge tolerances with golf clubs so having them fitted perfectly for the individual golfer is very important. Here at Universal you also receive a unique handover session where we double check all of your loft and lies on the day of pick-up to ensure you are all ready for the course. 

do you cater for left handed golfers?

Yes of course we cater for the ‘lefties’, although left handed golf clubs are hard to come by we have plenty on hand to test out.

my golf swing is always changing is it worth getting custom fit?

We understand that unfortunately all of our golf swings can change slightly. If they didn’t we would probably be on tour teeing up with Rory and Dustin! Luckily the majority of the clubs in the industry are adjustable may that be adjustable wood heads or adjustable loft and lies on the irons. With an adjustable driver you can adjust loft, lie and the club face being open or closed. I do find a lot of clients seem to worry about their flex changing if their swing changes slightly, it would take a huge amount of swing speed increase or decrease to change the flex. If you are fitted correctly by a specialist your new clubs should be able to accommodate and small tweaks in your swing.

what happens during a custom fit session?

You will be asked to bring your golf clubs along to test on the Trackman launch monitor, we will then look through the numbers and see what can be improved and we will explain how to improve these then test what you need  whether it is a new head, shaft, grip or and adjustment with your club.

should i bring my own clubs to compare?

Yes, this is very important so you can see the difference whether it is distance or dispersion that you need to improve on.

what is difference from being fitted by universal golf compared to major high street golf retailers?

Universal Golf have specialists with qualifications and lots of experience in custom fitting and golf club building. Our insights into what’s working and what’s not working on tour can prove vital when selecting products to stock and put in our clients hands.