Our Fitting Process

Our Fitting process

The main objective of our fitting process is to deliver our clients the best possible fit for their game. We take great pride in getting messages and calls from our clients telling us they have had the round of their lives with their new clubs. 

One of the most important aspects of our fitting process is to get to understand what the client is currently using. From this we can test the current clubs against our custom offering.



Firstly we take a look at the club head to get an idea of heads which will suit the client. By selecting the correct club head the client will see optimum levels of spin, more forgiveness and tighter dispersion. We look at the loft’s of your previous clubs and we will also be taking into account MOI(moment of inertia), forgiveness and also how the client feels looking down at the club. After a few shots we will have enough data from the Trackman to start testing shafts.


Once we have an idea of which head’s are suited to the player we will start to test shafts. Here at Universal we always say that the shaft is the true ‘engine’ of the golf club. When we are selecting the right shaft we take into account the shaft characteristics (low/high launching, low/high spinning),  shaft flex/weight and length to determine the best results. Each shaft is then tested and the results are taken on our Trackman, the Trackman will show dispersion and distance of each shot side by side. This shows us which shaft is delivering results. The great advantage of our facility is that you can see the flight actually change out on our picturesque driving range.


With irons it is imperative that the lie angle is correct for the client, this will promote a more centre strike as the sole of the club will be level to the ground on impact. The next factor we take into account is swing weight, by having the correct swing weight it can help square up the club face on impact. Not only do we use the stats from the Trackman we also take into account if the individual likes the overall feel of the club.


The final stage is making sure that you have the correct grip. So many inexperienced fitters will overlook the importance of the grip. All of our hands are different sizes, when we go to purchase a golf glove we always ensure it fits perfect. That should be the case with the grip on your golf club. Having the correct sized grip in your hands could be the difference between a straight fairway finder or an unwanted hook or slice!